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We offer a guide to lodging in the Island of Masbate and hotels in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. There are many hotels to choose from and we want to offer the top hotels to enhance your stay on one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. MasbateIsland is located in the middle of the Philippines and surrounded by some of the nicest beaches in Asia. Most hotels are located in the City of Masbate or Masbate Proper.
Greenview Hotel - Masbate City Greenview Hotel and Restauran and Restorbar is located in the city of Masbate
Consider staying at the Greenview Hotel which is located about one kilometer from the airport and 3 kilometers from the harbor. It is rated one of the top hotels on the Island and offers some of the best restauraunts and entertainment.

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Bituon Beach Resort - Mobo Masbate Bituon Beach Resort is one of the nicest beaches in the philippines
Bituon means (Stars) in Filipino and that is what you can expect to see. Beach Resort is located about 10 kilometers from Masbate City and one of the top rated resorts in the Philippines. Enjoy the white sand and blue water and the beauty of the Philippines at Bituon.
Bituon offers many types of luxury rooms with rooms right on the beach.

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Rendezvous Beach Hotel - Masbate City Rendezvous hotel in Masbate Philippines
Rendezvous Hotel is one of the few Hotels in Masbate City located Right on the water front. Rendezvous offers a open air tropical restaurant and luxury rooms.

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MG Hotel - Masbate City MG is one of the nicer hotels in the City of Masbate and is not far from the ocean and airport.
MG Hotel and Restaurant offers you the unique luxury of a hotel accomodation near the water in a more quite area in the City of Masbate. It is the first German Hotel and considered the most luxurious hotel for Masbate City. MG Hotel is the only hotel that has a swimming pool for guest and offers free internet WIFI in the Restaurant. The MG Restaurant offers free breakfast to all guest.

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Baywalk Garden Hotel - Masbate City Baywalk Hotel in Masbate
Baywalk is considered a top rated hotel located near close to the water. Consider this hotel if you enjoy being near the water or just enjoy staying at one of the larger hotels in Masbate then we suggest the Baywalk Garden Hotel. Baywalk is also noted for its prefect landscaping garden and tropical environment. Enjoy the lush outside garden with a cool tropical environment while dining at one of the top rated restaurants on the island of Masbate.

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Seamans Hotel - Masbate City seamans hotel
Consider staying at Seaman's Hotel if your looking to stay in the middle of Masbate City or near the Port of Masbate. They are one of the larger hotels located in Danao Street in Barangay Bapor.

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Sea Blick Hotel - Masbate City
Sea - Blick Hotel is the extension of MG Hotel to which both hotels have the same owners. It is one of the nicer hotels in Masbate that is located at Punta, Nursery Masbate City, Philippines and its just less than one half km away from MG Hotel.

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